Sponsor a Purchase Award

Purchase Award Sponsors get exclusive early access to a private online sale period from February 28-March 4, 2022.


Generations Fine Art Exhibition and Sale features leading artists from across Indiana and is hosted at the historic Haan Museum of Indiana Art (hereafter, “Museum”). Eleven highly-collectible artists working in paint and sculpture have been invited to present their work within the extraordinary backdrop of the museum’s historic and contemporary Indiana Art collections. The proceeds of this event are divided between artists and the Museum.

Participating artists include: Mason Archie, John Michael Carter, Fred Doloresco, Timothy Greatbatch, Tuck Langland (sculpture), Greg Mendez (sculpture), CW Mundy, Pamela Newell, Donna Shortt, Jerry Smith, and Stephanie Paige Thomson. Each artist has provided one to three pieces for the sale.

Purchase Awards are advantageous to the artist, museum, and collector alike. In the case of Generations, our program grants award sponsors exclusive early access to the sale in exchange for agreeing to the conditions set forth below.

Important Dates:

    • February 28 – March 4, 2022: Purchase Award Period
    • March 5 – April 29, 2022: Online Catalog Published (No sales during this time)
    • April 30, 2022, 2PM – 6:30PM: Sale Opening Event (Registration Required)
    • May 1 – May 31, 2022: General Public Sales (In Person and Online)
    • June 1 – June 15, 2022: Artwork Pickup or Shipment
  1. Sale Period – The Purchase Award period runs from 8AM EST, Monday, February 28, 2022 through 5PM EST, Friday, March 4, 2022. Purchase Award sponsors will be given access to an unpublished website where they may browse and purchase artwork during this time. While there will be no formal preview period, most pieces may be seen on the museum's social media and other communications prior to the Purchase Award opening. Only registered purchase award sponsors will have the ability to purchase artwork during the sale period.
  2. Online Sale - The museum will not be in physical possession of the artwork until April 4, 2022. Thus, the purchase award sale is completed entirely online.
  3. Artwork is sold on a first come, first served basis by online purchase.
  4. Pricing – The price of the artwork is final. Neither the Museum nor the artist will engage in price negotiation during the exhibition and sale.
  5. Purchase award sponsors are welcome to name their sponsorship or remain anonymous. For example, “The John & Jane Doe Purchase Award”. Award names will be posted on the artwork for the duration of the exhibition and mentioned in future publicity about the sale.
  6. Registration Fee – A $500 donation to the museum is required to register as a Purchase Award participant. However, when you buy artwork the $500 is credited toward that purchase. In the event no purchase is made, the $500 donation is retained.
  7. Opening Event Registration – Included with a Purchase Award registration is one complimentary individual or one couple registration to the exhibition and sale opening April 30, 2022. (Value: $100-175 for Non-Members) For more information on opening event registration, visit thehaan.org/generations or contact the Museum.
  8. Payment Terms – Payment will be be made via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or ACH Transaction via the museum website.
  9. Service Fee – All sales paid for by credit card will be assessed a 3% processing fee.
  10. Sales Tax – The Museum will collect Indiana Sales Tax (7%) on all purchases.
  11. Tax Exempt Purchases – Buyers claiming tax exemption status must be able to provide appropriate documentation of such at the time of purchase. Please contact the Museum if you intend to purchase as a tax-exempt organization.
  12. Shipping & Pickup of Purchased Artwork
    1. Buyers agree to arrange for pick up or shipment of their purchases during regular business hours between June 1 and June 15, 2022 and are encouraged to make those arrangements as soon as possible.
    2. As a courtesy, the Museum has arranged for a 10% discount on domestic shipping from our shipping provider for artwork purchased in the sale. Artwork must ship by June 15, 2022.
    3. The Museum is not involved in the shipping transaction beyond helping coordinate and will not be held liable in the transaction. Buyers are responsible for selecting their own shipping means (ex. FedEx, UPS, etc.) and will make payment to our shipping provider directly.
    4. The Museum’s shipping provider is:

A-1 Packaging Store
1048 Sagamore Pkwy W
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Contact: Kevin Presse

  1. Purchased Artwork must remain on display for the duration of the exhibition through May 31, 2022.

Purchase Award Sponsorship Form