2023 Exhibition Calendar


Hoosier Women Artists: Trailblazers and Beyond

September 9 - October 28

The Hoosier Women Artists: Trailblazers and Beyond stands as an exquisite testament to the profound impact of women on the artistic landscape. This exhibition showcases both historic and contemporary paintings, ceramics, and textiles by Indiana women, unveiling a captivating journey through time. The spirit of female artists not only contributes to Indiana's artistic heritage, but also serves as a mirror reflecting the triumphant combination of skill, unyielding determination, and boundless creativity.

The exhibition captures the essence of life in Indiana, seamlessly transitioning from the bucolic tapestry of rural landscapes to the vivacious pulse of urban settings. Each brushstroke, ceramic curve, and intricately woven textile bears witness to the dedication these women have poured into their craft, immortalizing their role in shaping the cultural legacy of Indiana art.

Artists on display include Ada Shulz, Lucy Hartrath and Janet Scudder who struggled to gain recognition at a time when fine arts were relegated to men, and that women produced utilitarian objects for home life. A collection of quilts donated by the Pflume family and a sampling of pottery by Julia Livingston round out the presentation of textiles, glass work and pottery.

This exhibition includes over 200 pieces of artwork that have been curated to demonstrate the depth and scope of Indiana women artists.

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