2023 Exhibition Calendar

February 3 – April 8

The Richmond Group: Indiana’s First Art Colony

May 3 – June 3

Generations Fine Art Sale and Exhibition

June 9 – August 26

Marvelous Marvin Bartel ceramics

Past Exhibits


Celebrating Black Culture: Featuring Works by Bing Davis and Peter Rujuwa

Generations Fine Art Show and Exhibition

Hilary Eddy: Magical Realism. Featuring works from The Dorothy Murphy Collection in memory of Patrice and Michael

Indiana Realities: Regionalist Painters, 1930-1945


Tuck Langland: Egypt Revisited

The Art of Teapots


On the Shoulders of Ancestors: The Art of Willis Bing Davis (Virtual Exhibition)

Retro in Clay: Mid Century-Ceramics


Indiana's Grand Art Tradition: Hoosier Art Shines On

Karl Martz and the Legacy of Indiana University Ceramics

St. Louis World Fair