Historic Indiana Painting Collection

The Haan Museum features an extraordinary collection of major oil paintings by T.C. Steele and other historically important Indiana artists. Not all of the paintings can be hung at any one time, but the most important works are hung for long-term display. Others are rotated for special exhibitions. There are over 100 paintings hanging at any given time.

The Hoosier Group

The Hoosier Group is a designation given to five artists in 1894 at an exhibition in Chicago. T.C. Steele, J. Ottis Adams, William Forsyth, Otto Stark, and R.B. Gruelle comprise this group of Indiana artists, and they are the most represented artists on display in the mansion.

Brown County Art Colony

When T.C. Steele moved to Brown County in 1907, many artists moved to Nashville to paint. Among the best of these were Ada and Adolph Shulz and E.K. Williams from Wisconsin, and Adam Emory Albright and Lucie Hartrath from Illinois.

Other Artists

There are works by many other Indiana artists, such as Richmond artists John Elwood Bundy and Maude Eggemeyer, Pioneer Painters Barton Hays and Jacob Cox, and Regionalist painters Robert Weaver and Harry Davis.