How the Sale Works

Generations is a “luck of the draw” sale with fixed prices.  With each registration you'll receive one bid book. This book contains numbered bid slips, one for each work of art in the show.

The bidding period is open from 2-5 pm on the day of the sale. When you find a piece of art you’d like to buy, tear out the corresponding bid slip from your book, sign your name, and drop it into the box next to the artwork.

At 5pm, drawings are held to determine who will get first dibs to purchase each piece. You can up your chances by purchasing additional bid books, for $50 each, up to 3 total.

The person who wins the drawing will have 10 minutes to make a final decision on whether to purchase the artwork. If they pass, the second name drawn will get a chance, and potentially a third round if available.

Our checkout area will be open at 6 pm to finalize purchases.

(Read the full terms and conditions of the sale here.)


Saturday, April 29

2-5pm – Bidding is open

5-6pm – “Luck of the Draw” sale

6 pm – Checkout


May 3 - June 3

Exhibit is open to public during normal museum hours

If any art is unsold, it may be purchased online or at the museum.