Hilary Eddy, Centrepiece

June 10-August 13, 2022

Friday, June 10, 6-8pm

Hilary Eddy: Magical Realism

Works from the Dorothy Murphy Collection: In Memory of Patrice and Michael

The Haan Museum is excited to present a major collection of paintings from Hilary Eddy’s “Magical Realism” series. They are extraordinary observations of the ordinary. Eddy’s earlier works are large, colorful, up-close images focusing on the smallest details of flowers. Her later work incorporates glass, and shows the wonder of reflected light and astounding colors. Three colorful abstract paintings by Ginny Moon will also be included in the exhibition.

The opening reception will be from 6 to 8 pm on June 10, and the exhibition will be on display through August 13.

These beautiful paintings were donated by Dorothy (Dottie) Murphy. Dottie loved to surround herself with beautiful art, and she knew every painting by name. Placing the paintings in the Museum was uppermost in her mind. Per her wishes, the collection is called “The Dorothy Murphy Collection: In Memory of Patrice and Michael.” Patrice and Michael were Dottie’s children, who brought her immense joy and continued to live in her heart after their passing. Dottie’s gift will allow the public to enjoy these stunning paintings for years to come.

Hilary Eddy earned an MFA at Purdue in 1974, and was an inspiration to numerous local artists when she taught adult art classes at Morton Community Center. Dottie was one of Hilary’s students, and “The Garden,” a painting Dottie completed during one of these classes, is also part of the collection. Dottie and Hilary formed a cherished friendship that lasted for decades, and Dottie became an avid collector of Hilary’s work.


Hilary Eddy
Hilary Eddy was raised in Surrey, England. Her interest in art came from her mother’s love of flowers and her father’s love of nature. She was awarded the Douglas Williams Memorial Prize for Excellence in Art while attending college in North Wales. She moved to the U.S., and received an M.A. in Fine Arts from Purdue in 1974. She worked as a full-time artist in Lafayette for over 25 years before moving to California.
Eddy is widely acclaimed for her beautiful large-scale paintings that magnify the splendor of flowers, and give them a monumental grandeur. The addition of colored glass offers an exciting perspective. Eddy explains that her paintings “expose a new consciousness which reveals hidden secrets that are there for the taking. We can find excitement in everyday life, and see the wonders of light reflected, and colors that astound us.”
Eddy has received more than 40 major awards in regional and national competitions, and had over 60 solo exhibitions throughout the U.S. and beyond.